Coronation Street fans have some strong words for Aadi over 'sinister' affair storyline

 The boss's wife has her sights set on Aadi Alahan.
The boss's wife has her sights set on Aadi Alahan.

Coronation Street viewers have some strong words about Aadi and Courtney's latest antics, with some claiming that the youngster is being 'groomed'.

The last instalment of Coronation Street (which aired Friday, 15th September 2023) saw things heighten between the pair, who are embroiled in an illicit affair.

Viewers were quick to say that Aadi is in fact, being taken advantage of by Courtney, taking to social media to voice their concern.

'I think Aadi is being groomed,' wrote one fan, alongside an emoji that suggests feeling sick.

While another wrote, 'I'm starting to doubt Courtney. Now that Darren has ditched her - her intentions with Aadi could become more sinister . He needs to be careful.'

While another aired their suspicions, writing, 'I don't believe Aadi falling for Courtney this quickly? It was only a few weeks ago when he seemed to have doubts almost like he was scared of her I think he's falling for her quicker because the truth is out.'

While another wrote, 'So many awful storylines. 1) Eliza and her granddad. It’s boring and he can’t act. 2) Aadi and that lady’s affair. She groomed him. 3) Tyrone and his mum. Her personality sucks - she’s very entitled and rude. Also very bored of drug addiction storylines.'

While another said, 'I bet Courtney is gonna pull the "I think I'm pregnant line soon". Poor Aadi.'

While another Corrie fan wrote, feeling disillusioned, 'the whole Aadi /Courtney storyline is pathetic.'

While another quipped about Aadi, 'Dev should be proud Aadi’s a chip off the old block.'

How do you feel about the Aadi and Courtney storyline? Will Aadi wise up to Courtney and her antics?

Tune in to next week's episode of Coronation Street to see what happens next.

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