Coronation Street fans think they've RUMBLED who Lauren's killer is

 Bobby vies for Lauren's attention.
Bobby vies for Lauren's attention.

Coronation Street fans have a theory on who they think is actually Lauren Bolton's abductor - and it's not Roy Cropper.

Outraged Coronation Steet viewers have been protesting Roy's innocence since he was arrested during Friday night's episode (which aired on 13th April, 2024).

'Poor Roy Cropper! Give him a retweet if you think he’s innocent- free Roy,' wrote one fan of the ITV show on X (formerly Twitter).

Another Corrie fan had a prediction on who exactly is behind the incident. 'I bet Joel has Lauren. He hasn't been on for ages, and they want us to forget about him,' wrote one fan on social media.

The social media user had also recently predicted, 'Somebody has Lauren tied to a radiator like in Black Snake Moan with Sam Jackson and Christina Ricci. I bet it's Joel.'

Another Corrie fan previously wrote, 'Is there a possible link to Lauren’s disappearance with Joel, speculation that he could be Nathan’s brother and there is rumours that Joel’s parents are set to arrive.'

To which another fan of the ITV fan wrote, 'Not sure. I hope it’s resolved soon tho.'

To which to original tweeter replied, 'I think it’s going to be a while yet, I really thought we would have had some sort of clue now.

'Apparently there is a link to Joel and Lauren? He bought de de a necklace and apparently he did the same for Lauren, there is so much speculation.

Joel makes his move.
Joel makes his move.

While another fan wrote, 'I’m not too sure about that to be honest.'

And the tweet author replied, 'I ain’t either, it would be a brilliant twist if it ended up turning out to be true, there is so much rumours and speculation I actually don’t know how this storyline is going to pan out!'

Meanwhile, another Corrie fan wrote of Roy's involvement in the case, 'I’d like to think, hope, that there is going to be some surprise or twist as to why Roy is the one getting browbeaten for Lauren’s disappearance. It makes no sense.'

Watch this space!

Tune in to the next episode of Coronation Street on Monday 15th April to see what's for Roy and the rest of the residents of Weatherfield, as well as the big reveal of who Kerry really is.

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