Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan confirms Daisy acid attack story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan has discussed the soap's upcoming acid attack storyline for the first time.

The actress's character Daisy Midgeley is targeted by her stalker Justin Rutherford in next week's episodes, as he plans a horrendous crime on the day of her wedding.

As Daisy prepares to leave the Rovers Return to tie the knot with Daniel, her friend Ryan Connor steps in as wedding chauffeur. Just as they're both about to go, they're horrified to find Justin lurking in the shadows at the pub.

Justin, who is holding a glass full of clear liquid, advances on Daisy as he throws acid at her.

Charlotte recently caught up with Digital Spy and other press to discuss the storyline.

How is Daisy feeling in the lead-up to the wedding?

"Daisy is just really tired at this point. She's trying to stop Justin from making her life miserable, but nothing seems to be working as the law's not really on her side.

"I think it's good that this storyline has shown that. Hopefully some changes can be made there, because it's really traumatic for women who go through this."

How does Daisy feel about the wedding?

"Daisy is trying to stay positive about the wedding, because it's the light at the end of the tunnel for her. Daniel is also doing his best to support Daisy, but it's really difficult and she's been through this myriad of emotions.

"Daisy has gone from being scared, to trying to make herself smaller, to then going: 'Screw this. I shouldn't have to change myself. I'm going to stay feisty and strong'. She's still trying to fight the good fight and stay positive."

Daisy recently came up with a plan to confront Justin and get him arrested. Does she feel like she has outsmarted him now?

"It wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do, but Daisy felt like she was backed into a corner and she's the sort of character that's going to fight back. She's not just going to crumble.

"Daisy decided to trick Justin to get him arrested and it worked. Even though it was a very scary and potentially very silly thing to do, she feels like the ends justified the means. Daisy thinks it was worth it, because he was actually arrested for once, which hadn't happened before."

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How does Daisy feel now that Justin has been released on bail?

"Daisy has felt constantly let down by the police throughout this whole storyline, so I don't think she's hugely surprised by it. She was hoping that Justin would stay locked up, but he's managed to wriggle free again.

"The only difference is that, at the Stalking Protection Order hearing, Justin was told by an official judge that he needed to back off. Daisy is just hoping that sticks with him. He's also been told by the police that if he gets close to Daisy again at this point, it will result in further trouble for him.

"Daisy thinks: 'Okay, he's had two different very official people tell him that he's got to stay away'. So she's planning her wedding and hoping he will take the hint and stay away."

When Daisy wakes up on her wedding day, does she worry that Justin might turn up?

"Well, in the couple of episodes beforehand, Justin has stayed away. Daisy is thinking: 'Okay, he's finally gotten the message and is now going to stay away'. Even though Daisy has got all sorts of PTSD from this, she is trying to stay positive and is very excited to marry Daniel, who she loves very much."

Can you tell us about the early scenes in the wedding episode?

"Ian Kershaw, who wrote the wedding episode, is so brilliant. He's written it in a very Corrie way, with a 'will they get down the aisle?' feel to it. There's all these little things going wrong and a bit of comedy there, which is a wonderful contrast to the drama that ensues later.

"I think Daisy starts in a very bridezilla manner. All the things that go wrong, she thinks are a huge deal. It's a lovely way to start the episode and such a contrast to what happens later on."

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What kind of things go wrong?

"Mother of the year Christina comes along to the hen do and basically tells Daisy that the Midgeley women don't have good weddings and it's all cursed. Christina decides to tell her that as her parting gift!

"Daisy shrugs that off, but then she wakes up and she's got a red eye, the wedding cake's got the wrong name on it, the wedding car gets stolen, and the dress isn't quite fitting right. Everything that could go wrong, goes wrong.

"Even though you might look and think these are such small things, it's stressful after the planning and care that has gone into planning the wedding. The ceremony is Daisy's little baby and everything is going wrong at the final hurdle.

"Daisy is devastated and that's why she's making such a big deal of what might seem like little things."

Do Daisy and Daniel see the wedding partly as an act of defiance after Justin's stalking?

"Yeah, absolutely. It's quite a brave thing for them to be doing this wedding as planned, with everything that's going on. They both feel that if they can get married, make it official and make it to that next step in life, maybe it'll be yet another message to Justin that Daisy is not available to him."

What can you tell us about the wedding and the dress?

"I never got to see the venue because of what happens on the day, although I'm sure it'll be very aesthetically pleasing and very Instagrammable.

"The wedding dress had to be 'Daisyfied', but it also had to be practical for what the storyline plans were, as there was going to be a lot of physicality later on down the line. It couldn't have been this massive heavy ball gown. It had to be a very Daisy dress but also practical for what came later."

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How fearful is Daisy when Justin turns up at The Rovers before she gets a chance to leave for the ceremony?

"I think that fear of Justin is going to be lurking in the back of Daisy's mind, since he was released on bail. Daisy played a bit dirty to get him arrested, so she's wondering if he's going to retaliate in some way.

"There's so many layers to what Daisy is thinking with Justin – she's been scared, she's been angry, she's been all sorts of things. Seeing him again after he's been warned multiple times by officials to stay away from her, she's exasperated. Daisy is certainly going to be scared to how he'll react to what she did before."

How does Daisy feel when it becomes clear what Justin has planned?

"To do something like that with acid, I don't know how you can possibly understand it or get to that point, because it's just so evil to try and take away someone's identity and someone's face like that. It's so heinous and I don't even know how you can really start to think about that being someone's intention for you.

"When it happens, she's just trying to think: 'Okay, how do I get through it? How do I stop this from getting worse?' The deeper reality behind that will come in later episodes."

How do you approach filming such a dark storyline?

"I personally have to go the other way and contrast with it. I have to be able to snap in, snap out, be happy and talk about other things, otherwise it just gets really draining at home. I think we should be able to leave it all at the door and go about our business when we leave work.

"I like to try and play some happy music, have some nice snacks, talk about the dog.

"When it comes to the work, you've done all the research beforehand. You're trying to do a really dark thing justice, of course. Then when it comes to it on the day, you have to trust that you've done the research, you've done what you can to prep and just see how it goes."

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What was your reaction when you were told about the acid attack storyline?

"I said: 'F me, that's dark!' I really didn't see that coming. I really didn't think they'd go that route with it. It's not something you see a lot on television, so I was really caught by surprise by it."

Who will you watch the episode with?

"Probably my boyfriend, who likes to chat through everything and ask a hundred questions. He's a nightmare to watch television with, bless his soul!"

Do you regularly watch your scenes back?

"I don't always do it. I think it's educational to watch it back – I watched it a lot at the start when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the character. Particularly at the beginning because I wasn't in the show as much, but now I'm in it a fair amount more, it helps me to have a bit of a break from it.

"Everyone in this building works very hard and it was a real team effort in these acid attack episodes – brilliant cameras, lighting, writing, direction, everything. You want to watch and support those things, but I don't watch every single episode because I think it's good to have a bit of breathing space from it."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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We would encourage anyone who identifies with the topics raised in this article to reach out. Call 999 if you or anyone you know is in immediate danger, or report any concerning situations using UK government resources or the Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service. The National Stalking Helpline is open 9.30am-4pm on weekdays (and until 8pm on Wednesdays) on 0808 802 0300.

Coronation Street has been working on Daisy's storyline with support from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which works to reduce the risk of violence and aggression through campaigning, education and support.

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