Coronation Street star Ellie Leach shares blackmail twist in Faye's exit plot

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Ellie Leach has shared details of a surprising threat from Craig Tinker in Faye Windass' exit storyline.

Craig will resort to blackmail in the coming days when he realises that Faye is slipping away from him.

Faye is secretly keen to move away to Slough with Jackson Hodge and their daughter Miley.

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When Craig realises this, he bitterly reminds Faye that he knows about her guilt in the hit and run accident with elderly man Ted Spear in January 2022.

This leaves Faye feeling trapped, worried about the lengths that Craig might go to if she leaves him.

Speaking about the upcoming scenes, Ellie explained: "Everyone knows that Craig is this fun-loving character, so we've never seen him react like this before. He's always so nice. Faye wonders: 'Who is this person? Where has this come from?'

"As much as Craig's threat makes Faye want to stay, because she's scared of her secret getting out, it's also driving her further and further away. She doesn't want to be in a relationship with someone who's literally blackmailing her.

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"But then Faye also fears that she has to stay in the relationship, because otherwise, everyone will know what happened. She's got the fear of going back to prison, which she'd never want to happen.

"I think Faye definitely sees Craig in a different light in this storyline."

Ellie continued: "Faye is thinking about herself but also how it would affect other people. If anyone found out the truth, she'd have to tell them about Emma's involvement in the hit and run, too.

"I don't think Craig has actually thought about it too much – he'd be in trouble as well because he knew about it! He's clutching at straws by trapping Faye and forcing her to make a decision that she might not want to make."

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It's no secret that Faye will be leaving the Street with Jackson and Miley next week, so it seems that Craig's cruel tactics will ultimately get him nowhere.

Asked about filming the tense scenes with Colson Smith, who plays Craig, Ellie replied: "Colson is my best mate! We have a laugh no matter what the scene is – whether our characters are crying their eyes out or having fun. We've worked together so long that we just know each other.

"Yes, Craig can be horrible, but as soon as it's 'cut' it's straight back to conversation again. Because we're so close as friends, we can do those hard-hitting scenes and just be normal with each other afterwards."

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