Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver warns fans over weight loss scam

Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver has hit out at accounts that are exploiting her recent weight-loss in order to scam fans.

The star, who plays Eileen Grimshaw on the cobbles, took to her Instagram account to call out accounts which have been using her photos to advertise diet products, explaining that she hadn't been on a diet or been using supplements to lose weight.

"I'm really, really sad that I have to actually make this video," she said in the post, explaining that she'd received messages from fans about advertisements they'd seen with her photos.

She continued: "I've had quite a lot of messages over the last couple of weeks asking me about keto dummies."

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"There is obviously some scam going around saying that I lost weight using keto gummies, dummies – I dunno. Well, it's crap. It's a scam.

"It's outrageous. And I just want you to know that I would never, ever, ever advocate anything like that. I'm absolutely incensed."

The actress then went on to explain that her recent weight loss wasn't due to a diet, but instead a combination of giving up alcohol, her time on I'm a Celebrity and a recent illness.

"Yes, I lost some weight last year. I stopped drinking and I went in the jungle. Yes, I have lost weight this year. But not from any diet," she explained.

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Sue then revealed she's had "women's health issues" which contributed to the weight loss and was now trying to put weight back on after sorting out the problems.

"Life's too short to worry about dieting and finding quick fixes," she concluded. "Just be happy with yourself."

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