Coronation Street's Sarah confesses all to Adam over affair

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Sarah Barlow risks the end of her marriage next week when she confesses all about her affair with Damon Hay.

Sarah has recently been having an affair with the dodgy businessman behind her husband Adam Barlow's back.

Next week, Adam joins Damon and Nick Tilsey for a meeting with the council in order to secure the Bistro's late licence. At the meeting, Adam is quick to assure the council that Damon is a changed man.

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Damon is grateful that Adam is prepared to vouch for him and invites him along to a County game as a gesture of thanks. When Sarah hears that Adam and Damon will be spending more time together, she's less than impressed.

Later in the week, Damon pays a visit to Sarah and makes out that he's calling to see Adam. When Sarah tells him that Adam is out, Damon's intentions become clear when he reveals a bottle of wine and offers to keep her company.

The situation prompts Sarah to admit that although she loves Adam, she can't stop thinking about Damon. The moment between the pair is ruined when Gail arrives to inform Sarah that Harry has a temperature.

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Narrowly avoiding getting caught out by Gail, Damon attempts to leave but Sarah once again gives into temptation – unaware that Harry is watching the passionate kiss.

Wracked with guilt, Sarah throws herself into family life with Adam and books them both the day off so they can spend some time together with Harry.

The plan soon backfires when Harry, upset by what he's witnessed, announces that he doesn't want a new Dad. Sarah tries to cover her tracks by assuring Adam that Harry's comment meant nothing.

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Behind Adam's back, Sarah tries to reason with Harry but he's having none of it. The youngster tells Adam that Sarah is a liar and that he hates her.

Devastated, Sarah has no choice but to tell Adam the truth about her affair with Damon. Will this be the end of their marriage?

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