Coronation Streets TURN on this much-loved character after Roy is arrested for murder

 Booby Crawford describes the intruder.
Booby Crawford describes the intruder.

Coronation Street fans have turned on DS Swain after a run-in with Roy Cropper after he was accused of assaulting Lauren's mother 'Kerry' (who is actually a woman called Alice).

In tonight's episode of Coronation Street (which aired Friday 12th April) we saw Roy arrested on suspicion of Lauren's murder, then left shaken and alone in a police cell, sending fans up in arms over his treatment — and angry with the aggressive behaviour from DS Swain.

'The public persecution of Roy is really difficult to watch. Plus DS Swain needs to do one,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

While another said, 'Never gone off a #Corrie character quicker than I’ve gone off DS Swain.'

And another wrote, 'DS Swain has much evidence on Roy killing Lauren as she could have me killing JFK. That’s how dumb this whole story is getting. Another Coronation Street drag!'

But not everyone was put off by DS Swain's latest scenes, with another writing, 'Everyone hating on ds swain makes me love her more.'

It was also revealed in the episode that DS Swain could have a new love interest. Another fan cheekily predicted, 'Right wow ok now tell us who ds swain's love interest is ? is it carla ? cough cough wink wink.'

While another said, 'When are we going to get a hint/info on who the lucky lady is going to be that DS Swain has her eye on?'

Watch this space!

Tune in to the next episode of Coronation Street on Monday 15th April to see what's next for DS Swain, Roy and the rest of the residents of Weatherfield, as well as the big reveal of who Kerry really is.

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