Coronavirus: Property firm rolling out 'WWIII-style hazmat suits' for viewings and inspections

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Demand for virtual tours to market properties has 'gone through the roof' due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Getty)
Demand for virtual tours to market properties has 'gone through the roof' due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Getty)

Property firm Reevo 360 has revealed “World War III-style hazmat suits” (Hazardous Materials suits) to be used for post-lockdown property inspections and tours.

The firm announced they have a collection of anti-coronavirus hazmat suits for visiting properties or buildings in order to create “virtual tours,” photoshoots, and floor plans for property developers, estate agent and private clients.

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The suits will allow the Reevo 360 camera and inspection crews to visit properties without risk of contamination or infection and could become the “new normal” for estate agents, developers and other property professionals as the industry adapts to a post-coronavirus world, according to the company.

The “World War III style” suits are made up of an impermeable whole-body garment, with a specially designed face breathing-mask and eye shield goggles to provide respiratory protection, and protection against chemicals, biological agents or other harmful materials.

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The company said that the hazmat suits can be requested by vendors and clients to protect both the Reevo 360 camera team and any other people in the properties being visited after the coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

The company said the demand for virtual tours to market properties has “gone through the roof” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Daniel Freeman, sales director at Reevo 360 said: “Pre-lockdown demand for Reevo 360 virtual tours rose 20%-30% and then since lockdown demand enquiries to us have risen by 400%.

“Our Reevo 360 guided virtual viewing is highly innovative and distinctive in the property marketing sector. Distinct from videos or “virtual tours” which are not a proper guided tour or collaborative exchange between the sales agent and buyer.

“What Reevo 360 offers customers is a truly interactive 360 degree tour of a property where the sales agent actually guides the buyer remotely through the home, talking through its features with them and answering questions, just as they do in the real world.”

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