Coronavirus: Broncos using Brady as inspiration ahead of NRL return


Brisbane Broncos head coach Anthony Seibold said he is adopting Tom Brady's approach to training ahead of the NRL's proposed return.

The NRL is set to resume the 2020 season on May 28 after the competition was suspended through just two rounds on March 23 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Brisbane, pending negotiations between the NRL and Rugby League Players' Association (RLPA), are scheduled to return to training on Tuesday.

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Six-time NFL Super Bowl champion and Tampa Bay Buccaneers recruit Brady is being used as inspiration by the Broncos.

"I've had a really good look at the NFL. Over there, a team's reserves don't suit up, they train and don't play," Seibold told

"And they've got a job to do, many of them are on the scout team and prepare as the opposition team each week.

"There's a fantastic documentary called Year of the Quarterback where Tom Brady is mentioned in it.

"He talks about when he first started at the New England Patriots and he was the third-string quarterback.

"But he prepared every single week as if he was going to play that Sunday and he did that for a long time.

"And at one stage the first and second-string quarterbacks got injured and he got his chance and because he had prepared every single week to play top-line NFL, he never looked back, he played his entire career from there on.

"I reckon that's a great tale to tell our players. 'Your game every week isn't on Saturday in the Queensland Cup or NSW Cup, the way you impress the coaches is how you turn up every single day at training. Your job for the team is to prepare like the opposition team and prepare our 17 like they do in the NFL'."

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