Coronavirus: Orlando Pirates looking at trimming their squad - Mbele

Orlando Pirates administrator Floyd Mbele says they will have to trim their squad in an aim to change their financial model whilst saying there is no indication of salary cuts as yet.

The Buccaneers announced the first Premier Soccer League (PSL) coronavirus pandemic infection in the form of midfielder Ben Motshwari this week, with Mbele stating there will be a proper consultation before the deciding of cutting salaries of players and staff.

On the other hand, the Soweto giants have been linked with a number of players to beef up coach Josef Zinnbauer’s squad, but according to the top official, it seems they might have to release a few players.

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“At the moment, it is too soon to tell if there will be salary cuts or not. Given that this situation affects everybody, it is one of those where sooner rather than later, if we don’t return to normality,” Mbele told IOL .

“You must understand that running a club is a business. How do we get revenue, we get grants from the league.

“We get money from the sponsors. We also get gate takings. If this funding model does not work, then something is going to give.

“What is important is that everybody needs to be consulted and kept informed about the developments.”

Having been linked with Maritzburg United players such as goalkeeper Richard Ofori, defenders Siyanda Xulu, and Rushine De Reuck, Mbele suggests they could be forced to trim their squad due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let us get the involvement of the technical team. We have to change the financial model,” he added.

“We have to consider what is going to be the best for us going forward in terms of numbers and what is it that we are going to able to deal with while making sure that everybody there is ready to be able to go forward.

“We have to check those that have kept the small squads in and around the world and see how they are doing it. Those are conversations that we should be driving, not the transfer window market.”

Dubbed as one of the richest clubs in terms of sponsorship and enjoying a massive following, the Houghton-based club is also feeling the effects of the ravaging pandemic as Mbele explains football is a business and relies on gate takings and the PSL monthly grant.

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