Coronavirus: Three NRL players stood down after refusing flu vaccination


Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young revealed three NRL players in the state had been stood down as debate continues over the flu vaccination.

Several players are refusing to get the flu shot amid the coronavirus pandemic, with the NRL still planning to restart its season on May 28.

A waiver clause is reportedly being revised to allow players to play and train without getting the vaccine.

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However, Young said three Queensland-based players had been stood down as talks between the government and NRL continue.

"I've had a discussion with them this morning and they've stood down those three players, at the moment, until we work through what it means," she told a news conference on Friday.

"In actual fact, they've done a very, very good job. All their other players, staff and officials are all vaccinated.

"That is an amazing outcome so I'm sure we're going to be able to sort it all out so that's all being fixed."

Young added: "They'll be coming back to me about those three individual players, but remembering that's three players out of three teams so we'll work that one through."

Australia has seen more than 6,900 cases of coronavirus, including 97 deaths.

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