Coronavirus: Titans' Peats to get flu vaccination after being stood down


Gold Coast Titans hooker Nathan Peats will get a flu vaccination after being stood down.

Peats was one of three Queensland-based players to be stood down after refusing to get a flu shot amid the coronavirus pandemic and NRL's plans to resume its season on May 28.

However, the 29-year-old said his decision had nothing to do with being anti-vaccinations – and he will get the shot.

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"Seen my name in the media regarding getting stood down for no flu jab," Peats wrote on Twitter on Friday.

"It has nothing to do with some other players and being anti-vaccination. Myself, wife and both my sons are vaccinated.

"I had a bad experience in 2012 when I was at Souths when I had the flu shot, that's my only reason behind it. I've spoken to the club and will get the jab this afternoon.

"I had the option to say yes or no and I chose no for that reason. If I knew it would blow up I would have said yes straight away."

It comes as federal authorities push for the NRL to enforce a 'no jab, no play', policy, with Australian prime minister Scott Morrison among those calling for the move.

A waiver clause was being amended to allow NRL players to play and train without getting the flu vaccine.

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