Coronavirus: Top referee Hlungwani lends a helping hand to PSL security guards

South African football referee Victor Hlungwani is playing his part in assisting PSL security guards around Soweto with food parcels.

Hlungwani partnered with a group of fans called Phushi Passion and Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) Sports Wise to ensure that security personnel are able to put food on the table for their families even during this difficult situation. 

Football in the country has been suspended for over three months due to the coronavirus pandemic which has seen over 10 million people across the globe get infected. 

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According to Hlungwani, the majority of the PSL security guards have not been receiving salary income since the suspension of the current season and they were not covered when the government released the Covid-19 relief fund. 

"Since the breakthrough of this Covid-19, the stadium securities have been enduring some tough times as they are not receiving any salaries," Hlungwane told Daily Sun

"When the government released the relief fund, they (stadium securities) were not covered. So, we tried to fundraise and put something together for them." 

"I am with a group of fans called Phushi Passion; it's a group of supporters who have contributed together with Sports Wise which is an NGO," he confirmed. 

Hlungwani said the initiative was to show PSL security guards that they care about them and understand the situation they find themselves in.  

"It really touched some of us and tried to find a way how of assisting them. That's why we came with up with the initiative and started making contributions.  

"Now, it's time to give them hope that we do care about them and understand their situation due to Covid-19. We are here to assist them," concluded the experienced match official. 

The league is set to return in the next few weeks after the government gave the PSL the go-ahead to complete the 2019/20 campaign.

However, the remainder of the matches will be played in one province identified as a biologically safe environment to curb the spread of the coronavirus.  

This means very few security personnel will be able to receive salaries for the remainder of the season and provide for their families.  

Former players Phumudzo Manenzhe and Tebogo Monyai were also present as Hlungwani played his part in helping his colleagues. 

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