Coronavirus: Unidentified Colorado Avalanche player recovers from COVID-19


A member of the Colorado Avalanche has made a full recovery after testing positive for coronavirus the team confirmed on Thursday.

The player, who remains unidentified, has been in isolation at his home since first experiencing symptoms.

Colorado also confirmed that anyone who made close contact with the player was notified at the time of the positive test.

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In a statement, the Avalanche said they will "continue to work in conjunction with our medical staff and public health officials to do everything we can to help the Avalanche community remain safe and healthy during this time."

The news comes just two days after the NHL extended its self-isolation policy, advising players and other team personnel to stay away from training facilities at least until April 6.

There have been relatively few positive tests in the league so far, with this Avalanche player joining two Ottawa players as the only confirmed cases.

While there are still at least eight tests with results pending, the league has been advised against mass testing on personnel who have not shown symptoms.

As of Thursday, the United States has 83,113 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 1,198 recorded deaths, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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