Costco Customers Are Over The Rising Prices Of Its Pre-Made Meals

Costco pre-made meals
Costco pre-made meals - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Costco has long been a hub for those looking to find massive deals and high-quality discounts on bulk items. The warehouse store also touts an impressive selection of pre-made meals, ranging from salads and sandwiches to veggie spreads and a wide variety of other pre-packaged in-store goods. Unfortunately, due to rising inflation, Costco shoppers are beginning to feel the squeeze when it comes to certain pre-made meals, as well as items from the bakery.

This has been pointed out by several comments on Instagram posts by the CostcoBuys account, which helps to locate and promote exceptional deals at the chain to their more than 700,000 followers. Recent shares from the account include a pre-made Caprese Salad, which costs a staggering $16.41, as well as a Southwest Rotisserie Chicken Wrap that rings in at $6.99 per pound. As Costco members have noted, these prices are beginning to get out of hand.

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How Can You Beat The Costco Prices?

Costco food court
Costco food court - Ant DM/Shutterstock

Several users have pointed out that Costco shoppers can beat the pre-made prices by purchasing the ingredients and making the meals themselves at home. One commenter writes, "The price inspires me to make my own," while another states, "I just made the same thing, including quantity, for approx 10 dollars less." Other users are more skeptical of this approach, claiming, "It's expensive, but then again, everything is...," and "For those of you saying it's expensive, and you can make it for cheaper... LIES! Have you seen the price of fresh mozzarella lately?"

While it may be an unfortunate side effect of several economic factors, prices don't seem to be dropping any time soon, leaving many Costco shoppers to opt for the loss leader products in the warehouse's extensive food court, including their famous $1.50 hot dog meal and $1.99 pizza slice. While some shoppers may find themselves unaffected by the price of pre-made meals, this could provide some consumers with a newfound opportunity and inspiration to experiment with various meals in the kitchen!

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