Costco Employee Reveals This Fan-Favorite Item May Be Returning Soon

But you won’t find this food court item in the food court.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

If you're a Costco fan, you've likely enjoyed the popular combo pizza the warehouse club once offered in its food courts. Pre-pandemic, this was a beloved food option for many, but shoppers were beyond disappointed when the company discontinued it.

While you can still grab cheese pizza at the food court, many miss the various toppings of sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers that the combo pizza once offered.

Costco Is Bringing a Combo Pizza to the Deli Section

A recent Reddit thread is causing some to question whether the combo pizza is actually a thing of the past after an alleged Costco worker said it will make a triumphant return within the next few weeks.

But this version is not like what fans are used to. According to this post, the combo pizza will no longer be hot and ready in the food court but instead available in the deli section as a take-and-bake item.

Several commented on the possibility of the combo pizza returning: "Excited to see this. I hope this is as good as their old combo pizza." Another said, "I can't wait I miss the combo pizza."

While some were happy, others were not, thanks to the switch from the food court to the deli. One commenter said, "Pls bring it back to the food court," while someone else added, "Can I buy it, ask the food court to run it through the oven, and then pick it up on the way out?"

Costco hasn't confirmed whether any combo pizzas will return. Last year, it seemed as though this offering was not likely to make a comeback. However, this Reddit news gives many hope, while others are still determining where it will be offered.

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