The Costco Products Being Recalled Over Listeria

Costco cheese aisle
Costco cheese aisle - Hispanolistic/Getty Images

The last thing anyone wants to read is that one of their grocery store purchases was recalled due to Salmonella, undeclared allergens, E. coli, or Listeria. Sadly, we're used to hearing about romaine lettuce getting recalled due to the way it's processed, or ground beef being pulled off shelves because of E. coli or Salmonella. The latest recall is due to Listeria and has targeted products from Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc., including queso fresco, cotija cheese, and other dairy products, which have also been sold under multiple brand names like 365 Whole Foods Market, Tio Francisco, and Casa Cardenas.

The Costco items recalled are the Southwest Wrap purchased between October 27, 2023, and February 6, 2024; the Chicken Street Taco Kit purchased between January 25 and February 6, 2024; Rojo's 6 Layer Dip purchased between December 27, 2023, and February 6, 2024; Don Pancho Cilantro Lime Crema purchased between January 19 and February 6, 2024; and the Don Pancho Crema Trio Pack purchased between January 17, 2024, and February 6, 2024. Customers are asked to throw out the items or return them to the store for a full refund.

According to the FDA, listeria is especially dangerous for young children, the elderly, pregnant people, and those with weak immune systems. A listeria infection puts pregnant women at risk of stillbirths or miscarriages. Healthy people may get symptoms similar to gastroenteritis, with nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever, but it's usually temporary.

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The Products Were Also Sold At Trader Joe's

Rizo bros Cotija aged Mexican grating cheese
Rizo bros Cotija aged Mexican grating cheese - Marcos Castillo/Shutterstock

While the recall is affecting five Costco products, it isn't the only one facing recalls over the Rizo Lopez dairy items. The company has recalled 60 products, and they've made their way much further than Costco. The recalled products were also sold at nationwide deli retail counters, including El Super, Cardenas Market, Northgate Gonzalez, Superior Groceries, El Rancho, Vallarta, Food City, La Michoacana, and Numero Uno Markets. On Wednesday, Trader Joe's also listed a recall regarding four of its items: the Chicken Enchiladas Verde, Cilantro Salad Dressing, Elote Chopped Salad Kit, and Southwest Salad as products that customers should get rid of or return for a refund.

According to the FDA, the current outbreak dates back 10 years and has affected people in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Of the 26 people who have reportedly gotten sick from the dairy products, 23 have had to be hospitalized and two have died. The CDC investigated the outbreak previously in 2017 and 2021 and is now working with the FDA as well as local and state agencies to investigate the dairy products manufactured by Modesto, California's Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc. They are recommending that everyone throw away any cheese, sour cream, or yogurt manufactured by the company.

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