Couch From Famous Doge Meme to Be Auctioned by PleasrDAO

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PleasrHouse, a "live auction experiment" by PleasrDAO, kicked off the new project with a piece from whistleblowers (in different decades) Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg. Now PleasrDAO is back with a second live auction, and the item for sale is the very couch the meme-famous Shibu Inu, Kabosu, sat on in the picture that spawned a million doge memes.

The item is close to PleasrDAO’s heart. The group made news in 2021 for purchasing the popular Doge NFT for $5.5 million and then selling fractional non-fungible token shares of the famous photo. This sale led to the foundation of the Own The Doge Community, which has encouraged donations to animal and children's charities.

The second live auction event will start streaming on February 8 at 7:30 p.m. ET with guests Kabosu and her rescuer and photographer, Atsuko Sato. Fans of Kabosu will be able to ask questions during the broadcast by participating in polls and chats on PleasrHouse. This rare appearance by Kabuso follows sad news the 17-year old dog was diagnosed with leukemia.

The 24-hour auction for the couch will officially start at 8:30 p.m. ET and is being held to raise money for a good cause. The charity chosen by Atsuko and the Own The Doge community, Save The Children, will receive the proceeds from the sale of the couch. The Own The Doge community has previously donated $1 million to Save The Children.

For more than a decade, Kabosu has been the subject of appreciation on a global scale, serving as the model for the meme coin dogecoin and the "Do Good Everyday" charitable and educational concept.

The winner of the auction will receive an NFT with the right to the actual couch. There will also be an open-edition NFT drop to give Kabosu and the charity even more support.

UPDATE (Feb. 2 15:14 UTC): Corrects gender of Kabuso in second paragraph.