'Could contouring stickers give me dream cheekbones?'

contour stickers
'Contouring stickers gave me dream cheekbones'-

‘Cold girl’ makeup might have temporarily replaced the extreme contouring brought to the fore by Kim Kardashian, but I’m always keen for sharp cheekbones (or at least the illusion of some…).

However, there is a lot more to a successful contour than painting elaborate brown and white stripes across your face – it can be a risky game.

Apply too much product on your temples and you might drastically shrink your forehead; draw lines too far apart on your nose and you’ll find it’s widened beyond belief - it’s a very technical art form.

Coming across Kohl Kreatives’ Contour Stickies, my interest was piqued. The company – which is 100% non-profit – prides itself on creating products which cater to those who might otherwise struggle with applying makeup. The contour stickers themselves are described by founder Trishna Daswaney as “makeup cheat sheets”, offering guidance with application, structure, and symmetry.

The plastic-free shapes are designed to make contouring a diddle, even for people who don’t know their Kabukis from their silicon blenders. There's two of each design, and they can be used up to three times each.

I couldn’t wait to test them out, focusing on creating a“90s Supermodel” look, the most dramatic option. Having been reassured by Trishna that the stickers wouldn’t remove my carefully applied light foundation when I peeled them off, I applied them carefully to both cheeks.

The stickies can be used with powder, cream, or liquid contour products but I stuck with my trusty NYX contouring powder. Using a dense contour brush, I packed the colour within the stencil’s empty space. This part was the most daunting – especially as I peeled the stickers off and saw the sharp brown shapes I’d created looking very stark against my skin.

The next and most essential step? Blending. At this point I was grateful that I opted for a product I knew blends nicely into the skin, otherwise I might have had my work cut out for me!

Blending done, I was pleasantly surprised to see a difference between my cheekbones post-sticker and my cheekbones as I usually contour them. There was a distinct shape to the contour, thanks to the sticker, and it was indeed reminiscent of Kate Moss’ hollowed out cheekbones. Part of me has always (wrongly) assumed that most contouring techniques eventually give the same result.

The final verdict? These were great fun to try out, especially with the variety of contour styles to try. The stickers are a quick and easy guideline for anyone testing out the contouring waters, or a fun new addition to the routine of seasoned contour-masters.

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