‘I couldn’t move’ – Son details emotion behind muted hat-trick celebration for Spurs

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 Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

Tottenham star Son Heung-min says he “couldn’t move” due to the emotion of breaking his goalscoring drought against Leicester on Saturday.

The forward scored a brilliant hat-trick from the bench in Spurs’ 6-2 win over the Foxes, his first goals of the Premier League season.

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But the South Korean barely broke into a smile in celebration, and told The Times after the game that he was overcome with emotional after a tough start to the campaign

He said: “I couldn’t move. I was so emotional with myself. I didn’t know what to do. Just stand still, look at the sky, look at the crowd. In my head, all my family came into my mind. All the staff, all my team-mates, all the supporters.

“That’s why I stood there and then just had a moment to think.”

Son added that he’s never happy if he’s not scoring: “I was born loving football and I’m still loving football but when you go home you take with you many things.

“I’m an attacking player, so if I don’t score how can I be happy? I can’t be happy if I have unbelievable opportunities to score goals or make chances. If I don’t score and I’m happy, probably I wouldn’t be here.

“Sometimes even if we win, I’m still sad because of my performance, or where I can do better, how I can do better, the mistakes I make or the chances I miss. I’m always thinking about football because this is how I made it here.”

Manager Antonio Conte hailed Son’s performance and revealed a joke he shared with him after the game.

Conte said: “I think that it is important to understand well that when you play a lot of games in a row, even when you’re not psychically tired, you can be mentally tired, and you’re not able to play every game.

“But I was a player and I know you want to play massive games – Champions League and Premier League are massive games – but they are starting to understand the rotation.

“To have a player of Son’s level on the bench means that in one moment I can change the game and also with the rotation at the back today and when Bissouma came on he gave us a lot of strength and energy and I think this is the right path for us.

“There are 12 games in a row after the international break and all the players will be involved.

“If the player is intelligent and a good player and person, it depends on this. Every decision that I am going to take is for the best of the team, always. They have to understand this.

“Sometimes to start on the bench and to come in is important because in the next game you might be in the starting XI but at the same time you are recharged of the mental and physical energy.

“I am really happy for Sonny today. You know what I think of the player. I said to him if you’re going to score three goals in 30 minutes ‘maybe we can repeat this experiment’, but I was joking.”


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