Councillor who went 'full Karen' at skateboarders resigns after video goes viral

The incident took place at Long Hanborough Skatepark <i>(Image: Google Maps/ Simon Williams)</i>
The incident took place at Long Hanborough Skatepark (Image: Google Maps/ Simon Williams)

A parish councillor has stepped down following backlash to a viral video which showed her arguing with an adult at a skatepark.

Hanborough Parish Council confirmed on Monday (June 26) that Penelope Marcus had resigned with immediate effect as chairwoman of the council.

A council source told the Oxford Mail that Ms Marcus had received unpleasant abuse in the wake of a viral YouTube video which showed her arguing with 58-year-old skateboarder Sean Goff at Long Hanborough Skatepark.

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In the five-minute video published on June 18, which has received more than 200,000 views on the video-sharing platform, Ms Marcus tells Mr Goff and his friend that they need to allow more space for the children using the skatepark.

The video description said she ‘goes full Karen’ – a slang word referencing a specific type of middle-class white woman who exhibits behaviours that stem from privilege.

There has been criticism over the term, which some claim is sexist.

“You are taking up too much space in what you’re doing,” Ms Marcus tells the adult rider in the viral video.

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She later adds: “We are on the parish council and this skateboard park was designed for all these kids, boys and girls.”

Mr Goff, a three-time British skateboarding champion from Kidlington, argues that he is taking turns with the children to use the facility.

“We’re a problem because you think we’re a problem?” he asks Ms Marcus.

When asked, the children agree they have been sharing the skatepark.

Mr Goff explains there is no skatepark in Kidlington and says that children at Long Hanborough Skatepark would learn from watching him.

Ms Marcus says they would bring in ‘trained coaches’ to teach the children instead.

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As she walks away, Mr Goff shouts: “By any chance, just out of interest, would the trained coaches be ex-British champions? Because I am.

“Would any of the coaches be people who had competed in the world series against Tony Hawk?”

In the description of the video, which was posted by the account ‘SkateTillYouPuke’, it said: “The skatepark had only been open for a couple of days a few miles away from where Sean lives.

"Sean and his pal were checking it out and the local parish councillor decided to have a go at them saying the park is for kids and that they should grow up.

“Great to the local kids stand up for the skateboarders while the out of touch councillor continues to argue.”

A statement from Hanborough Parish Council after Ms Marcus’ resignation said: “During Penelope’s time as chair of the parish council, she has tirelessly worked to deliver many positive changes for the parish.”