Couple invents clever way to decide next vacation: ‘Highly suggest’

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A couple’s creative way of picking vacation spots has TikTok talking.

The user @evamachadorn went viral for posting a video with her boyfriend where they chose their next destination. It was a fun way to choose a random place while giving each person an equal say in the matter.

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“We made this up years ago. Highly suggest,” she wrote.

The couple picked vacation spots based on three different rules: one has to be within six hours of driving, another farther away but within North America and a third that’s international.

They both picked a place in each category for a total of six options. Then, they put the locations in a glass. Next, they chose a destination from the glass, one by one. The very last place would be their destination.

They both picked San Diego first. Then, up next was Montreal, Richmond (Virginia) and Croatia. The final location was Spain, which meant it was their next vacation. That was pretty exciting news for the couple, who ended up with destinations within driving distance every other time they used the method.

The video racked up 5.8 million views on TikTok.

“I showed this video to my BF and now we’re playing this game for my 40th birthday trip!” a person commented.

“I love this!! I’m traveling the world and don’t have a partner, but might pick my next destination this way,” a TikToker replied.

“I like this game but will edit it to be in my tax bracket,” someone said with a laughing emoji,” a user said.

“We also have a rule… if we both simultaneously agree on something expensive we buy/do it. So on that rule you’d be going to San Diego,” another wrote.

“My wife and I did a bracket challenge for our last trip! We both picked 5 or 6 places and we did random challenges to find the winner,” someone added.

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