Of Course, I Had To Ask Arthur The King’s Ali Suliman, 'Who Is A Better Co-Star: The Dog Or Mark Wahlberg?’

 Still frame of Mark Wahlberg from Arthur The King.
Still frame of Mark Wahlberg from Arthur The King.

If you’re a sucker for the subgenre that is highly emotional dog movies and/or you happen to like Mark Wahlberg, you’re in luck! Arthur The King, which is in theaters now, stars the Oscar nominee in the true story of Mikael Lindnord, an adventure racer who befriends a brave pup (Arthur) during his five-day race through the jungles of the Dominican Republic. While cinema is full of cute dogs, the role of Arthur would clearly be quite an undertaking given its physicality. However, what I didn’t expect was for the cast of Arthur The King to put Ukai the dog’s acting ability on par with that of Mark Wahlberg’s.

The film also stars Simu Liu, Nathalie Emmanuel and Ali Suliman. I recently sat down with the three of them and asked who the better costar was, Mark Wahlberg or Ukai, in a clear tongue-in-cheek manner expecting some playful banter. What I got was sincere praise for the dog actor and a clear display of the affection they all grew to feel for him. Suliman, who had previously starred alongside Wahlberg in Lone Survivor, said the following:

Both (Mark Wahlberg and Ukai), actually. But, you know, working with a dog, it's not something (to take) for granted. You know, for me, for the first time, working with this amazing dog, Ukai, was incredible. I wasn't expecting the way he worked, and he did really amazing acting. And the reactions that he made, it was incredible.

Well there you have it! Ukai is a true professional, but don’t just take it from Suliman. The man who worked closest with Ukai, Mark Wahlberg, developed a sincere connection with the dog. While speaking with AMC Theaters, he said the following about Ukai’s acting ability:

It was absolutely amazing… the performance was unbelievable. We didn’t have to do any tricks or anything like to create that. It was really just the emotional connection that we had.

In his review for Arthur The King, our own Dirk Libbey says, “You'd have to have a heart of stone (or just really hate dogs) to not be invested in the four-legged friend.” However, it’s important to note that Arthur The King has more to offer audiences than cute dog stuff. It also serves as a fun and inspiring action film, as Wahlberg and company cycle, climb, run and hike their way across the jungles of the Dominican Republic. Wahlberg may have left Hollywood in a literal sense, but despite rumors of retirement, his career is going strong.

You can see Arthur The King in movie theaters right now! It’s a fun and heartwarming family film that has something to offer nearly everyone. If that’s not your jam, we’ll continue to keep you updated on everything coming our way on the 2024 movie release schedule.