For Creamy Popsicles, All You Need Is Frozen Fruit And Condensed Milk

Person holding a popsicle with other popsicles in the background
Person holding a popsicle with other popsicles in the background - Alvarez/Getty Images

There's nothing quite as refreshing as a cool ice pop on a hot summer day, whether you go for healthy fruit treats or opt for a standard sugary popsicle. Who doesn't love a classic frozen summer treat? And it'll taste even better if you go the extra mile to make it yourself.

Instead of picking up plain popsicles at your local supermarket, take to the kitchen armed with your favorite frozen fruit and some condensed milk. With those ingredients, alongside either some paper cups or a proper popsicle mold, you'll be able to whip up creamy popsicles that cool you down and keep you refreshed. You can get creative with these popsicles, too, and try adding different types of fruit for unique flavors.

We'll tell you everything you need to know about how to make two-ingredient popsicles at home using a condensed milk base. Plus, we'll talk about some other fun ingredient combinations you can use to make creamy, fruit-flavored frozen desserts.

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How To Make Homemade Creamy Popsicles

Person pouring fruit into popsicle mold
Person pouring fruit into popsicle mold - Alvarez/Getty Images

The key ingredients for making easy creamy popsicles are frozen fruit and condensed milk. One such creamy popsicle you can try is a mango lassi pop. To make this recipe, pop one 16-ounce bag of frozen mango, a 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, and your desired seasonings in a blender. Mix the ingredients until they form a smooth mixture, and then divide the mix into popsicle molds or disposable paper cups. Add a popsicle craft stick and freeze them until they're hardened.

Another creamy popsicle recipe you can try is a strawberry popsicle. For this recipe, place frozen strawberries and condensed milk in a blender and blend until smooth. Then, add Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries and mix them into the liquid. If you want, add a pinch of granola to popsicle molds or disposable paper cups. Then, distribute your fruit mixture into your chosen molds, add a popsicle craft stick, and freeze the treats until they harden.

These recipes are just jumping-off points. You can use whatever fruit (or mix of fruits) you like to make your own frozen creations.

Other Types Of Dairy Work In Popsicles Too

Creamy blueberry popsicles on a platter next to a bowl of blueberries
Creamy blueberry popsicles on a platter next to a bowl of blueberries - Yumehana/Getty Images

Although condensed milk is a great addition to popsicles to make a creamy frozen treat, that's not the only way for you to give them a milky touch. Besides adding condensed milk to your popsicles, you can also use milk and whipped cream. Another way to add creaminess to your homemade popsicles is to mix Greek yogurt into your frozen fruit blend. Not only does Greek yogurt contain a decent amount of protein, but it also doesn't have as much water in it as regular yogurt. The result is that your popsicles come out creamy and tasty (and maybe a little healthier than condensed milk-based popsicles).

Finally, if you need a dairy-free way to make creamy popsicles, full-fat coconut milk can be a good addition to your fruit puree. Just note that this has a higher fat content than the aforementioned Greek yogurt. Regardless of whether you try one of these creamy variations or stick with the original condensed milk hack, your summer is about to get a whole lot better with some tasty, creamy popsicles.

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