Cricket - Senanayake booed after controversial run-out

Jos Buttler's controversial dismissal, run out backing up at the non-striker's end, has brought a predictable chorus of disapproval.

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Cricket - Senanayake booed after controversial run-out

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England's Jos Buttler shows his frustration after being dismissed during the One Day International

The Edgbaston crowd made their feelings known by booing Sri Lanka off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake in the Royal London Series decider.

It took only minutes for former England captain Michael Vaughan to join in after Senanayake had twice warned Buttler for backing up too far, then in his next over taken the bails off in his delivery stride.

The bowler is entitled to do just that under the Laws of Cricket, and his captain has the right to enforce the dismissal.

Whether it is in the spirit of cricket is open to further discussion, and Vaughan made it clear he does not believe it is.

"Wow.... Not so sure that's the way I would want to be playing the game... Angelo Matthews as captain should have stopped that...!" Vaughan wrote.

Shortly afterwards, he added: "Totally blame the Captain... He is the man who makes the decisions and should have over turned the decision... No way to play the game..."

Vaughan's ex-England team-mate Graeme Swann has a similar opinion, and in a series of Tweets he began by making reference to the fact Senanayake is already a controversial figure at present after being reported for a suspect action in Saturday's one-day international at Lord's.

He added too that he had once done the same thing as Senanayake, but lived to regret it.

"I did a 'mankad' on Marc Snell against middx u11's.

"It was given out, but my dad told me he wished I was adopted - he was that disgusted!"

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