Ashes - ICC to discuss DRS with England and Australia

England and Australia will meet with the International Cricket Council’s director of cricket operations ahead of the fourth Ashes Test to discuss their concerns over the use of the Decision Review System.

Ashes - ICC to discuss DRS with England and Australia

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England's Stuart Broad after not walking against Australia at Trent Bridge (Reuters)

Australian Geoff Allardice will hold talks with England's team director Andy Flower and Australia's head coach Darren Lehmann in Durham before the match begins on Friday, according to The Guardian.

Both teams have expressed concerns about the application of the system by third umpires in this summer’s series, but it will be used in an identical capacity in the final two Tests and the umpiring line-up will remain unchanged.

Thermal imaging technology hot spot has come under fire while Pakistani official Aleem Dar was criticised after he somehow missed Stuart Broad's thick edge in the first Test at Trent Bridge.

Dar will umpire with Tony Hill in the North East after missing the last two matches.

The third umpire will be Marais Erasmus, who angered England when - performing that role in Nottingham - he overruled Dar’s on-field view that Jonathan Trott should not be given out lbw.

Flower wants the authorities to sort the DRS mess out after the latest controversies at Old Trafford, where Australia's Usman Khawaja was given out in the first innings by the on-field umpire and third umpire despite no evidence he touched the ball while Kevin Pietersen did appear to nick behind in England's second innings but Hotspot failed to pick it up.

"Firstly umpiring is a very tricky business but I would say that there are very clear protocols to use and to stick to and I think some calm decision-making needs to be made over the next two Tests," he said.

"I think there are improvements that can be made. There are improvements in the use of the technology and the use of experts who know how to use the technology that could make a difference to getting better results."

Hot Spot and DRS will come under the spotlight at the ICC’s next chief executives' committee meeting on September 18-19 in Dubai.

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