Cricket - ICC rules on Finn 'wicket-breaking' confusion

On-field uncertainty over Steven Finn's habit of hitting the non-striker's stumps during his delivery stride will soon be over after the International Cricket Council announced it will be considered a no-ball from the end of the month.

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The rule will enter the playing conditions for all three formats of the game and, while it will apply universally, the frequency with which Finn has disturbed the bails in the past year is a clear motivation.

The issue first came to light in England's home series against South Africa, with Proteas skipper Graeme Smith highlighting it as a distraction.

During the series Smith was reprieved having seemingly fallen to Finn when dead-ball was called due to the disturbance at the non-striker's end.

Finn has worked hard to remove the quirk but again saw an important wicket chalked off when bowling to Suresh Raina in January's ODI series in India.

From April 30, all such incidences will be deemed no-balls.

ICC general manager of cricket Geoff Allardice admitted the existing playing conditions were not workable and credited MCC with taking the initiative on new steps.

"The recent interpretation used in international matches to call 'dead ball' when a bowler breaks the wicket during a delivery has not adequately dealt with this situation," he said.

"The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) recently decided to address this issue by introducing a new 'No ball' Law from 1 October 2013. The ICC Cricket Committee noted the MCC's decision, and recommended that an ICC playing condition, mirroring the new No ball Law, be introduced to international cricket as early as possible."

The ICC Chief Executives Committee approved this recommendation at its March meeting in Dubai. The timing of the decision means both the Champions Trophy and Ashes series will now be played under the revised conditions.

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