Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Celebrated Her Name Day with Her Family at the Royal Palace

the crown princess' name day 2024
Crown Princess Victoria Celebrated Her Name DayPatrick van Katwijk - Getty Images

Royal birthday traditions can be a little different than the cake-and-candles affair most of us are used to. While the British monarch celebrates two birthdays—their real one (in King Charles's case, November 14), as well as their "official" birthday known as Trooping the Colour (an annual summertime tradition held in deference to the fact that British weather isn't always conducive to parades during the colder seasons—for the Swedish heir to the throne, it's her name day which gets an extra celebration, and Crown Princess Victoria just happens to be marking hers today.

Influenced by the christian tradition of saints days, in Sweden different names are associated with specific calendar days, and in the case of the name Victoria, that happens to be on March 12. The princess's actual birthday is in July, when the family is typically at Solliden Palace in Öland, meaning that unlike the other members of the royal family, there aren't usually celebrations for her birthday in the capital, so her name day has become used as a sort of de facto birthday celebration.

As per tradition, the Swedish heir made an appearance at the Royal Palace to greet well-wishers and take in a military presentation in her honor. Victoria was joined this morning by her husband, Prince Daniel, and their two children, Princess Estelle, who is second in line for the Swedish throne, and Prince Oscar.

the crown princess' name day 2024
Victoria and Estelle share a sweet mother-daughter moment at her name day celebration.Patrick van Katwijk - Getty Images

The family presented a united front in complementary tones of blue: navy slacks and a sweater topped with a sky blue coat for Victoria, navy flared pants with a dove grey coat and scarf for Estelle, and navy jackets and pants for Daniel and Oscar, who also topped the look with a sporty navy beanie.

It's a very similar outfit to the one Victoria wore yesterday when she represented her country as Sweden's flag was raised for the first time at NATO headquarters, after becoming the group's 32nd ally on March 7.

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