Crumbling concrete found in Parliament

The collapse-risk concrete at the centre of a crisis in school buildings has been found in Parliament.

The presence of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac) poses no “immediate risk”, a parliamentary spokesman said.

It comes as ministers remain under pressure over the issue, with concerns about the state of school buildings sparking anxiety about the presence of Raac in other publicly-owned buildings and infrastructure.

“As part of routine ongoing investigations, Raac was identified in one area of the Palace.

“Structural engineers have confirmed there is no immediate risk. Where RAAC is found, mitigations will be put in place as necessary,” the spokesman said.

Concerns about the safety of the parliamentary estate are long-standing, amid repeated delays to plans to restore and refurbishment the famous site.

There have been repeated warnings in recent years about the threat of fire and asbestos across the estate.

The restoration project is estimated to cost several billion pounds.