Crutchlow exasperated by issues


Cal Crutchlow was left angered and exasperated by a mystery vibration which marred his qualifying pace at Sepang.

The Briton had started on the front row for the last four consecutive MotoGP races, but could only come home fifth in Malaysia - with Tech 3 team-mate Andrea Dovizioso replacing him on the front.

Crutchlow vented his anger at the situation, which he put down to a mysterious vibration – similar to that suffered in the final minutes of qualifying at Motegi.

"After qualifying on the front row at the last four races I should be pretty disappointed with fifth position and I am," he said.

"To be honest I am not happy with the performance of the bike and I had the same issue that struck in qualifying last weekend in Japan.

"I had a big vibration and all the changes we made to improve the situation didn't work.

"It felt like I had zero grip and we can see the problems on the data but we still haven't been able to identify what is causing the vibration."

He later added via Twitter: "Not very often I get angry in garage. Today was different, though.

"Something wrong and have big vibration every corner. Couldn't push at all any lap."

Crutchlow admitted his race hopes could also be scuppered unless the team can find a solution overnight.

"We have a lot of work to do tonight and I will be sitting down with my crew and analysing a lot of data to come up with a plan for the race," he explained.

"If the situation remains the same for the race it will be really difficult and demanding.

"As always I will try my best and the main goal will be to claw back some of the points I lost to Alvaro [Bautista] and Valentino [Rossi] with the bad luck in Japan."

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