Cycling - Clancy: Not the end for team pursuit

Ed Clancy insists his team sprint debut at the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Glasgow does not signal the beginning of the end of his time riding the team pursuit, adamant he has nothing to lose in switching.

Cycling - National titles for Clancy and Varnish

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Ed Clancy, Olympic Velodrome (Reuters)

Clancy has two Olympic and four World Championship team pursuit gold medals to his name however his kilo ride on the way to omnium bronze at London 2012 suggested he may also have the legs for sprinting.

The 27-year-old was fourth heading into the sixth and final event of the omnium in the capital, the kilo, and produced by far the quickest time of 1:00.981minutes to jump up to the podium.

Clancy's time was almost one and a half seconds quicker than that of Denmark's Lasse Norman Hansen, who finished second to secure gold, and would have been quick enough to win him the world title in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

British Cycling clearly saw something in the performance and, later this week in Glasgow, Clancy will ride in the team sprint alongside two of the three Brits that won Olympic gold at London 2012, Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny.

He will therefore replace Sir Chris Hoy with ambitions of forming part of the trio at next year's World Championships and, while admitting to heading completely into the unknown, Clancy believes nothing bad can come of his new adventure.

"I think plan A is that the team sprint will go well in Glasgow and hopefully I'll ride the team sprint at the worlds as well as the kilo just as a little sort of side project; a bit of a break from the team pursuit," said Clancy.

"I've nothing against it, I love riding team pursuit but sometimes a change is as good as a break, that's the idea behind it. We are going into the unknown but what is the worst that could happen?

"I get dropped and ride for three laps on my own, I'll never do team sprint again and go back to the team pursuit. As much as I'd like to stay on there and do a good last lap, I was not a team sprinter before this little journey, there's no worst case scenarios really.

"If it goes really well then you have to start thinking is this what I want to do? Do I want to go back to the team pursuit because we know we can do well at that? Or can we try and do both?

"And if so will that fit in with the road racing and so on with my team there? But we'll cross that bridge when we get there, at the moment it's not even an option. If it goes really well it will be an option but until then I'll just try and do my best and open a few doors."

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