Cycling - Lance Armstrong effigy to burn on bonfire night

A town in Kent famous for burning an effigy of a celebrity each year has chosen Lance Armstrong for the dubious honour this bonfire night.

Cycling - Lance Armstrong effigy to burn on bonfire night

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Lance Armstrong effigy

Armstrong was selected by the Edenbridge Bonfire Society ahead of George Osbourne and Abu Hamza and the 30ft (9m) model of the disgraced cyclist will be burnt this Saturday on Guy Fawkes night.

It is the third year in a row that a sports star has been selected with Mario Balotelli getting the Wicker Man treatment last year and Wayne Rooney being chosen in 2010.

Tony and Cherie Blair, Jonathan Ross, Gordon Brown, Russell Brand and Katie Price have all been selected in the past.

"Lance Armstrong is certainly the biggest villain in sport, with fans across the globe feeling cheated by a man who was thought to be whiter than white," said spokesman Mark Young.

Organiser admitted they did consider Jimmy Saville but thought against it as there would be lots of children at the ceremony.

However in a nod the current scandal that has rocked the British media, the Armstrong effigy has got a 'Jim'll Fix It' badge.

"We had a shortlist which included Jimmy Savile but it was decided it would not be nice to use him as a lot of children attend the bonfire and they might start asking their parents questions," society co-ordinator Charles Laver.

"Then we had George Osborne but he hasn't really got a face that everyone knows and he's just a chap in a suit. We felt he would be a bit boring.

"We started to do Abu Hamza but then we decided we weren't entirely happy to do him, so Lance Armstrong came out of the woodwork."

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