Cycling - Oakley and Eurosport ask fans to 'Conquer the Road'

Oakley has teamed up with Eurosport to launch a search for two fit and motivated cyclists who will be asked to "Conquer the Road" to celebrate the 100th edition of the Tour de France in 2013.

Tour de France - The Ride: It's time to conquer the road

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Tour de France 2013

It will represent a once in a lifetime opportunity for cycling fans to ride one of the iconic Tour de France stages with a professional rider as part of a new campaign by Oakley.

The winners will have their experience filmed and broadcast by Eurosport as part of a four-part mini-series called “The Ride” which will be shown during the channel’s 2013 coverage of the legendary race.

Stefano Bernabino, Eurosport’s head of cycling said: "This is a fantastic project and one that will make for great television. The winners will be attempting something every fan has probably dreamt of, which is riding alongside their heroes on the route of a Grand Tour stage.

"It will be a real challenge, physically, mentally and emotionally but I have no doubt it will be something they will remember for the rest of their lives and will make a fascinating accompaniment to our extensive live Tour de France coverage."

Oakley’s brand director for EMEA, Olaf Dunz, said: “The Oakley family of world-class cyclists continues to grow, and we want to create a movement around cycling and inspire a broader audience to get out on a bike.

"The “Conquer the Road” initiative is one of our most important campaigns this year and the concept we have developed with Eurosport, is one of the key tactics to support that.

"It enables us to deliver this initiative right at the heart of European cycling and to the millions of fans there who enjoy Eurosport's unrivalled coverage and broadcast expertise in the sport."

From Tuesday 26th March fans across Europe can visit a digital hub developed by Oakley - - and register their profile. Using their own social media networks via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ the fans must then secure as many “kilometres” as possible through votes. The more “kilometres” they earn the higher up the leader board they will go.

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