Cycling - Wiggins doubts Armstrong will admit to cheating

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong may never admit to taking performance enhancing drugs after being banned for life and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, according to Tour champion Bradley Wiggins.

Cycling - Wiggins wins British Sports Journalists award

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2012 Tour de France Bradley Wiggins

"You realise as you grow up that Father Christmas doesn't exist. That was always the case with Lance," Briton Wiggins said at the 2013 Tour presentation ceremony.

Asked if Armstrong - who has always denied any wrongdoing - should admit he cheated, Wiggins said: "I think so, definitely.

"But everyone knows he's a stubborn man. He has too much to lose, but the evidence speaks for itself. It looks overwhelming."

On Monday, the International Cycling Union ratified the US Anti-Doping Agency's decision to ban the retired American for life and nullify his results from August 1998 onward because of testimony from team-mates that he doped.

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