Cyriel Dessers opens up on Rangers fan abuse and admits he felt like 'scapegoat'

Cyriel Dessers admits he's been made to feel like a "scapegoat" at times this season as he opened up on Rangers fan abuse.

The big striker, 29, has hit his mark later in the campaign and ultimately came out with 23 goals in all competitions, in the end. In recent weeks he's been re-evaluated by some punters who have now seemingly accepted him as their striker, but the Nigerian has revealed he didn't always enjoy supporter interactions.

Dessers understands fans have their club's best interests at heart always but he admits it was difficult to be told he's "the worst player ever" by furious supporters after particular poor performances.

In those moments, Dessers says, his time in Glasgow has been tough.

“Yeah, I feel in some moments I was the scapegoat," he said. “I only came in in the summer, but suddenly it felt like everything that happened inside the club or on the pitch was only my fault. These are hard things because I was just moving to a country, trying to adapt to a new club, a new league.

“I was still putting up my Ikea furniture or working out the settings on my television and people were already trying to write me out of the club, saying, ‘You’re the worst player who ever played for Rangers' and all these things.

“You’re not even fully settled down and people already want to get rid of you or are actively hating on you, especially when it’s from your own fans, it’s really hard.

“If it’s the press, it doesn’t bother me too much. But if it’s your own fans, it hurts you. You’re a human being.

“Strikers, they’re like a special kind of personality. They’re at their best with love. Not one player in the world is better when you whistle him off the pitch.

“Once you’re getting these little bits of love, you start to grow as a player and you become better and better.

“There were months that were really tough for me.”