Dad cuts off daughter’s college tuition after discovering her ‘manipulative’ behavior: ‘They’ve been scamming you’

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A husband discovered his ex-wife and daughter were scamming him for years.

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help. After discovering his wife had an affair, they got divorced. He continued to financially support them and pay for his daughter’s college. However, he later discovered that his daughter dropped out of college and that his ex-wife was using the money to fund her lifestyle.

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“Eight years ago my wife left me after cheating was discovered,” he wrote. “Despite having 50/50 custody of our children (F 21, M19) they wanted to live with my ex so I was okay with it as long as I could see them. I worked more and got a better income and covered all their extra expenses even after the youngest turned 18.”

“I even paid towards the college funds by myself depsite it being court ordered that both would pay equally towards it. In addition to paying tuition I paid any other expenses (car, expensive clothing, electronics, holidays etc) even tough after a while my daughter went almost no contact. She sends me texts with amount and where to send it and I send the money.”

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“Two weeks ago my son turned up on my doorstep after I hadn’t heard from him in two months,” he said. “He told me that my daughter dropped out of college after a few months and that I have been funding their mothers and her new childrens lifestyle all these years as her affair partner left her after their third child. My daughter has been using me as has my son to help theri mother and their own lifestyle.”

“Upon finding this out I stoppeed the money train. Turns out neither my ex nor my daugther work and they have used my cash to fund their lifestyle. Now they can get evicted if I don’t continue to pay. I am not cutting out my son as he came clean.”

People thought the father made the right decision.

“Your daughter sounds immature, lazy and manipulative,” someone commented.

“They’ve been scamming you,” someone added.

“I am guessing this has been eating at your son for so long. The whole thing is messed up,” another wrote.

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