Dad teaches toddler how to jump into pool in hilarious demonstration

A father tried to teach his toddler son how to jump into the pool. But it only sort of worked…

The dad posted the footage on his family TikTok account @happilyevansafterr. What the father thought was a foolproof swimming lesson for the toddler ended up being why his son was terrified of getting in the water.

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“Showing our toddler how to jump into the pool,” the video text read.

The father stood in a pool with the water up to his chest. Then his friend, another grown man, jumped into his arms to demonstrate. Let’s just say that demo didn’t go over too well with the toddler.

His son walked to the ledge of the pool as the father held out his arms. Then the boy grabbed his dad’s hands, slowly pulling dad closer and closer. Eventually, dad was close enough for the toddler to cradle himself in dad’s arms, barely touching the water.

“Whoa! That was a big jump, dude!” the dad said, humoring the little guy.

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The hilarious video racked up 8.9 million views.

“Awww the way he pulled your arms in towards him,” a user said.

“He saw the first guy almost drown you and he decided to spare your life. You’re welcome,” another joked.

“After seeing the first dude, I probably wouldn’t have jumped either,” someone added.

“It’s the exact same thing the first guy did and u can’t convince me otherwise,” a person replied.

“The toddler just making extra sure he had that security I can respect that,” a TikToker commented.

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