Dak Prescott contract: Twitter overreacts to shoddy report of QB rejecting huge Cowboys offer

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A report suggesting Dak Prescott had turned down a contract offer from the Cowboys that would have made him the highest-paid player in NFL history was quickly shot down by other outlets Thursday afternoon.

ESPN, CBS and NFL Network were among those that disputed NBC's characterization of the Prescott talks. NBC claimed Prescott was demanding "north of $45 million" on the fifth year of a potential deal, while Dallas was offering $35 million.

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Despite the rumor being widely rebuffed, people on social media were quick to jump on Prescott for not taking the money. Fair or not, the narrative has long been that he's looking for more money than he's worth.

Some on Twitter even went as far as to say the Cowboys should give Andy Dalton time under center in order to prove a point (which makes little sense, of course).

The reactions, then, were indicative of how many fans view Prescott, as well as the tendency for social media to overreact to any morsel of information.

Here are some of the strongest takes and jokes produced on a report that now appears false:

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