Danica McKellar And Melissa Joan Hart Hang Out IRL, And The '90s TV Icons Look Ageless In New Pics

 L to R: Melissa Joan Hart in A Very Nutty Christmas, Danica McKellar in Swing into Romance.
L to R: Melissa Joan Hart in A Very Nutty Christmas, Danica McKellar in Swing into Romance.

There are many child actors still acting today, and it’s always amazing to see how much they have or haven’t changed. It’s also always great to see ‘90s stars hanging out together, even if they weren’t ever co-stars. Now, both these points have collided in the best way as Danica McKellar and Melissa Joan Hart got together and posted photos where they looked ageless.

McKellar is best known as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, and Hart is known for playing titular characters in both Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, all of which aired in the ‘90s. Fast forward 30 years, and the actresses are actually friends. McKellar shared some sweet photos of the two of them on Instagram, admitting that although they were both child actors in the ‘90s, they “didn’t become friends until about two years ago.” And honestly, they look like they haven’t aged a day:

Winnie Cooper and Sabrina Spellman would have definitely been best friends in another life, and it’s pretty great to see that these '90s stars are so close. It’s unknown just what brought them together, but considering the two have more than likely crossed paths at events like ‘90s Con and Christmas Con, it was likely just a matter of time before they became pals.

Despite the stories told in the explosive documentary that's been airing on the 2024 TV schedule, Quiet on Set, Melissa Joan Hart spoke about her experience working at Nickelodeon in the '90s, saying that she loved her time working there and that she "was surrounded by an amazing crew and incredible cast." However, she also made it very clear that she believes those who spoke out in the documentary. While the discourse surrounding those who worked on shows as kids has been turbulent recently, it's nice to see Hart reflect on her experience and post about how she's bonded with others who were child stars.

When it comes to what these two actresses have been doing lately, while they look ageless, they have been doing things that show just how long they've been gracing our screens. Hart recently played a grandmother in a Lifetime movie, which is pretty hard to believe and makes a whole generation feel old. Meanwhile, McKellar celebrated the 35th anniversary of The Wonder Years in early 2023, which is also enough to make anyone feel old.

Regardless, it seems this friendship between Danica McKellar and Melissa Joan Hart is one that has been long in the making and is a match made in heaven. Hopefully, they will take many more pictures together and maybe even unite their former co-stars so it can be like one big happy family. In the meantime, this might be one of the best nostalgic moments to come out recently, and I'll be smiling about it for the foreseeable future.