Danielle De Rossi Reveals Why He Sometimes Wants to 'Take a Baseball Bat' to the Teeth of Youngsters

Danny Ryan

Roma midfielder Danielle de Rossi is about as old school as they come and in an interview with Uncidi magazine, the hot-headed Italian had a fair old rant about the actions of younger players these days.

Speaking like a regular in an English pub, the 33-year-old was very vocal and critical of the technology-obsessed generation that has succeeded him. In typical De Rossi fashion, he may have gone a tad overboard.

“When we started out, it was all different, that was 20 years ago," he said, via Football Italia.

Italy Training Session And Press Conference
Italy Training Session And Press Conference

  "Now a 20-year-old will get into the first team and have more Instagram followers than Messi. 

"When I was young, the older players would say ‘it wasn’t like in my day’ – that’s life and it always will be.

“Mind you, some of them irritate me too. When I see them do live Instagram videos from inside the locker room before a game, I’d like to take a baseball bat to their teeth… But they’re 18 years old and in 20 years’ time they will find themselves complaining about the youth of today."


Pretty scathing from one of Italy's finest ever defensive midfielders. De Rossi has been a lynchpin for both club and country during his career but Luciano Spalletti may want to avoid pairing him up with any youth players for the time being in the Italian capital.

The selfie culture in football has been ridiculed by many old school stars with Roy Keane perhaps the biggest advocate, as Arsenal will know all to well.


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