Is to dare really to do? Why Tottenham Hotspur should be brave and enter the race to ambush Alexis Sanchez

Out for the count: Manchester City are ready to walk away from the Alexis Sanchez deal – so could that let Spurs in?

They’ve been quiet again this transfer window. Very quiet. Some may say suspiciously quiet.

Something doesn’t quite add up. Tottenham Hotspur are in their best state many can remember. They’re beaming pictures of their stunning new stadium around the world and they seem certain that star name Harry Kane isn’t interested in leaving.

They’ve just beaten Real Madrid and possess a manager every club in world football would take tomorrow.

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What they’ve not got is themselves linked with a world class player. In fact, you’ll struggle to remember the last time they were.

It’s not because Mauricio Pochettino wants to do it Arsene Wenger style. His way, and will put his fingers in his ears until he completes his personal dream of world domination without spending money.

Spurs need to throw the cat firmly amongst the pigeons and get involved in the Alexis Sanchez deal now that Manchester City now seem no longer interested. They would be silly to think they would be trying to pull off the impossible.

Arsenal will never sell to Tottenham, no arguments. The petiness goes both ways, just look at the whole Sol Campbell extravaganza.

But like it was with the centre-back, the club is powerless to prevent him walking up the road. Or will be in four months.

To bloody Arsenal’s nose would not only exact sweet revenge for the Campbell deal of 2001, but would send Tottenham into the stratosphere of a serious player. They would hold authority.

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So here’s what we know. Sanchez likes England and likes London. His family are said to be settled, and unlike so many south Americans he isn’t pining for Real Madrid or Barcelona. Here is where he will play.

It’s unlikely he will go in January, so Tottenham won’t be laughed out of the building when it comes to faxing their bid to the Emirates.

The only one they will need to get around the table with is the players’ people, not the Gunners’ deal brokers.

If it’s not City, it’s United they’re saying. But Sanchez likes the easy life. He also likes to attack, he’s pretty good at that. Playing Jose Mourinho’s defensive style under a manager who is unpredictable to put it politely, or under Pochettino whose style is the envy of most of world football?

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Admittedly, it’s not Spurs’ style to go for the big name player, the closest they have got to adding the complete package would probably have been the capture of France captain Hugo Lloris, now 31, back in 2012.

But even stubborn old Arsene Wenger gave in to modern day spending eventually. If he can, surely Daniel Levy will see the light before long. Especially with Spurs’ strict wage structure about to go ping. It would encourage Kane and Dele Alli to stay, and maybe be enough to make Danny Rose to get over whatever issue it is he’s got exactly.

A flagship signing is just what Tottenham need. Are they brave enough to step up and sign a world class player? As they say, to dare is to do.

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