Darius Slay says Dallas 'cheated us,' still salty over 2014 playoff loss: 'I hate the Cowboys'

This is how to win over the hometown fans.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay joined ex-Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback and current "All Things Covered" podcast host Bryant McFadden this week to talk football. The subject of the Dallas Cowboys came up. Slay let his feelings fly.

He hates the Cowboys. Just ask him.

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 14: Darius Slay #2 of the Philadelphia Eagles warms up against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field At Mile High on November 14, 2021 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
Darius Slay arrived in Philly with Cowboys hate dating back to his Lions days. (Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Slay's in his second season playing for the arch-rival Eagles. But his anger runs much deeper than that. Prior to joining Philadelphia, Slay played seven seasons for the Detroit Lions, including the 2014 iteration that carried the franchise's best hopes since Barry Sanders wore silver and blue.

The Cowboys spoiled those hopes in a 24-20 wild-card win that postseason that wasn't without controversy. In fact, Slay feels like he and his Lions teammates got "cheated."

"I hate the Cowboys because they cheated us in the playoffs in 2014," Slay said. "When Dez Bryant ran up on the field. They pulled the flag. Yeah, they cheated us."

So how exactly did the Lions get 'cheated'?

In case you weren't watching or don't have total recall of a football game from seven seasons ago, here's a quick rundown. The Lions faced third-and-1 near midfield with 8:24 remaining while holding a 20-17 lead. Quarterback Matthew Stafford looked downfield to tight end Brandon Pettigrew.

Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitches ran through Pettigrew with his back turned to the ball for a cut-and-dry pass interference infraction. An official threw a flag. But then he thought better of it and picked it up. No explanation. No penalty on the play.

Instead of a first down inside the Dallas 30, the Lions punted from midfield. The Cowboys scored the go-ahead touchdown on their ensuing possession, and that was that for Detroit's postseason.

Slay's still mad about it. In fact, he told McFadden that he later shut down trade talks when he heard the Cowboys were interested in him.

"I heard Dallas had wanted to trade for me," Slay continued. "I said 'nah I ain't going there.' I wasn't going to Dallas. I couldn't stand them. They cheated us."

It's not clear when the Cowboys were interested or if Slay had any actual say on a potential trade. But it's very clear that he had and maintains zero interest in suiting up for "America's team."