Deadly snakes, Hulkamania and Sylvester Stallone: It’s the week in comments

This week has seen Manchester United show some fight, a snake invade a rugby league pitch, Peter O’Mahony rise from the treatment table and Wrestlemania mania reach the heights of some Shawn Michaels’ ‘sweet chin music’.

You lot have been in top form, down in our comments section. Here is a selection of your wittiest, pithiest and drollest observations.

Rory O’Grady is taking part in the arduous Spartan Death Race in June. The test of endurance and will can last anything up to 70 hours, has a completion rate of 10% and once featured a segment in which a competitor had to count 12 pounds of pennies into little bags after being immersed in cold water. Gizmo Mac reasoned:

“There’s a lot to be said for the old egg and spoon race.”

Tipperary beat Cork in a seven-goal thriller in Thurles and we had the TG4 footage to prove it. Paul O’Donnell opined:

51 scores in 70 mins, “beat that soccer.”

A Fulham supporter raised a chuckle, during his team’s home defeat to Everton, by offering the lineman a white stick [inferring the linesman had poor vision]. ‘Robby Rottenest’ sensed a possible business venture.

“Great reaction from the linesman. There’s money to be made by the first person to manufacture inflatable white sticks.”

An Eastern Brown snake — the second most venomous in the world — caused quite a sensation by slithering onto the pitch during an NRL match in Australia. Daniel Gan was up for taking zero risks.

“So it’s still slithering around the stadium somewhere. Time to close up shop and find a new home stadium!”


Alex Oxlade-Chamerlain is pictured in the new England World Cup kit. David Gavigan proves he is up on recent football history:

“Kieran Gibbs is looking well though!!”

Joey Barton turned his attention on the slog for Championship promotion to say Wayne Rooney is not world-class. Damien O’Brien was not arguing with the one-time Marseilles midfielder.

“Only thing world class about Wayne is his agent.”

Wrestlemania explodes into action this Sunday and our ‘best of’ piece sparked a few arguments below the belt. Karl Fitzpatrick lightened the mood [we hope] with this:

“You both make me sick!….my childhood ended the day the Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan. I still can’t accept it. I am not your brother.”

During the commenters’ back and forth about a potential Brian O’Driscoll biopic, one reader suggested Hollywood would have no interest in the Irish rugby legend. James Sullivan’s response was golden and made us all fondly recall an Esthel Getty/Sly Stallone cop-comedy classic.

You’ve obviously never seen Fire House Dog or Stop, or My Mom Will Shoot … they make films about mad shit all the time.”


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