Delicious hot cross buns all around

Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns

I do like a Hot Cross Bun, don’t you? I like them “raw” and as they come, with no butter or spread and not cut in half. I like them cut open and buttered, and I like them cut in half and toasted and buttered. Basically, I like them any which way. When you look at the supermarkets, you would say they are a phenomenally popular product; they’ve got mountains of them!

In Stroud, and especially on market day, it is possible to buy a fine array of individual Hot Cross Buns, from the bakers in town and at the market; all locally made and unique!

Our in town bakers already provide us with a great range. Sunshine’s Organic 4 pack are wholemeal, solid, but still with a softness and great flavour, whilst the Hot Cross bubs from Walkers, which I’ve been eating my whole life, are consistently excellent if you like classic flavour and their lovely soft white dough.

Saturdays brings Hobbs House Bakery, Salt Bakehouse, The Artisan Baker and The Billowing Loaf into town, and each one have their own Hot Cross Buns. I can tell you I have had a lovely weekend sampling each one, yes, 6 different bakers’ versions! Each one unique and delicious in its own way. Some are denser, some are sweeter, some are huge, some are very spiced! If you’re a fan, take the challenge to find your favourite!

Elsewhere this week, My Pastalicious return as do Rebel Fudge, Stroud Smokehouse, The Garlic Farm and Smart’s Gloucester Cheeses.