Demi Lovato's 'Psychedelic' California Home Has a 'Shroom Room' and a Lounge for Her Squirrels — See Inside!

Demi Lovato home in AD
Demi Lovato home in AD

Jenna Peffley Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is showing off her whimsical California home!

The "Skin of My Teeth" singer, 30, invited Architectural Digest into her "psychedelic" Studio City residence, where they worked on their eighth studio album, Holy Fvck

While house hunting during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lovato immediately fell in love with the modern farmhouse and teamed up with Argyle Design founders Kat Bell and James Drew to conceptualize the perfect interior design.

The six-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 8,500-square-foot property reflects her values and personality in every space.

"For this house, I wanted to make each room very special and different from the next," she tells AD in a video tour. Lovato also made it a priority to "highlight emerging artists from underrepresented communities" throughout.

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Starting with the "reception area," Lovato's maximalist vision comes to life with the abstract black-and-white wallpaper and bright yellow couch. Although they admits to spending little time in the space, the singer admires its "wow factor" upon entry into the house.

While showing off her glam room, Lovato says one of her favorite pieces is the neon yellow sign that says, "You're never fully dressed without a smile," because it reminds her to always stay positive. The rest of the room features a hot pink and dark green color palette, in addition to a salon-style shampoo bowl.

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Demi Lovato home in AD
Demi Lovato home in AD

Jenna Peffley

What Lovato dubs their "pup area" is a small outdoor space sectioned off for her dogs, Batman and Cinderella, for whom she provides a patch of faux turf and accessories to play.

The eggplant-colored main living room includes a number of unique details, from the bonsai tree coffee table to the zebra onyx crystal lamps. "There's also a leather pig right here, because why not," Lovato says in reference to the stuffed animal situated next to her couch.

Connected to the living room is the contrasting kitchen, which displays a bright floral Gucci wallpaper and iridescent light fixture. Lovato says the giant marble island is a "central piece" in the kitchen due to her love of hosting.

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Demi Lovato home in AD
Demi Lovato home in AD

Jenna Peffley

Deciding to skip on the stairs, Lovato takes the futuristic-like elevator up to her "psychedelic" "shroom room" where she likes to hang out with friends. The glittery silver walls and interactive cloud light fixture, which changes colors depending on the music, often help spark creativity for the star.

The primary bedroom reflects the singer's spiritual side, with various crystals placed around the space. Due to their expansive wardrobe, Lovato had to convert one of their guest bedrooms into an additional, and colorful, closet.

Moving to the backyard, Lovato's eccentric style continues with her favorite part of the outdoor space — a miniature seating area for her resident squirrels. It also features an in-ground trampoline, bar area and pool.

Further back in her outdoor space is the singer's home studio that was originally a pool house. "My studio is a very sacred space to me," Lovato tells AD. "I can completely be myself, be totally vulnerable, and just write about what I'm feeling."

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