Derek Carr's random act of kindness might have converted 49ers fan

The Jets are big underdogs against the Raiders this week thanks in large part to Oakland QB Derek Carr ... whom New York could have and should have drafted in 2014.

Here's another chapter forthe Derek-Carr-is-a-good-dude chronicles.

The 25-year-old Raiders quarterback on Tuesday was drivingin Dublin, Calif., a Bay Area suburb, when he noticed a man whose car was pulled to the side of the road. The man, Ron Reeser, had run out of gas.

Carr, who in January was credited with a Twitterassist in finding a missing Oakland child, pulled over to make sure Reeser was OK. Carr of courseoffered Reeser a ride to the gas station.

Then the following played out, via

"The two men struck up an easy conversation on the drive. They spoke about Reeser’s work in the music business. He asked the driver what he did for a living and he said that he played football, adding that he is very religious and wants to become a pastor when he retires. On the return from the gas station, Reeser asked the driver more about football.

" 'He said he was a quarterback; I thought he was a college quarterback,'Reeser said. 'I asked him what string he was. He said ‘first string.’ I asked him his favorite team. He said, ‘I may be biased, but the Raiders because I play for them.’ I looked at him and said, ‘Wait’ … and I asked him his name. He said ‘Derek Carr.’'

"He couldn’t have been more down to earth. He was wearing a hat and basketball shorts. I had no idea. He was just driving by and helped. It really made me feel good that there are good people still out there doing nice things for people."

Reeser also told he's a 49ers fan. Carr's random act of kindness, however, hashim reconsideringhis NFL allegiance.

"I just may become a Raiders fan now," Reeser said.

The 2016 NFL season ended for Carr, already a two-time Pro Bowler afterthree NFL seasons, when hebroke his legduring a Week 16 win over the Colts.

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