Derek Jeter projects Marlins revenue, attendance will increase in pitch to investors

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The Marlins and the Pirates have traded a combined five All-Stars this offseason alone.

MLBPA complains to commissioner Rob Manfred about Marlins, Pirates fire sales

The Marlins and the Pirates have traded a combined five All-Stars this offseason alone.

Derek Jeter projects the Marlins could generate as much as $68 million in profit next year, produced in part by higher attendance.

In documents obtained by the Miami Herald, Jeter's pitch to prospective Marlins investors project the team making a profit each year at least through 2021. It also predicts paid attendance will double in the next five years, from about 820,000 last season to 1.65 million by 2022.

The Marlins CEO and co-owner's projections are bold given Jeter has come under fire from fans for gutting the team's roster this offseason, trading away high-priced stars Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna and Dee Gordon. Jeter has defended the moves, as did MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, as necessary in rebuilding the franchise

But projecting an increase in attendance, given the absence of Stanton (the 2017 NL MVP) and his fellow stars might be overly optimistic. Jeter was besieged by angry fans at a recent season-ticket-holder's forum, and the team might be hard-pressed to match last season's 77-85 mark. Yet Jeter also believes corporate sponsorship will increase, from $19.1 million last season to $41.6 million by 2021.

As a future hall of famer, Jeter brings a new level of credibility to the franchise, and the Herald notes that there are revenue opportunities, including the possibility of selling naming rights for Marlins Park, and landing a new TV deal when the current deal with Fox Sports Florida expires in 2020.

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