Derry Duo explore rave heritage in home city

​Two years ago Paula Temple first fell in love with RIOT CODE after receiving their impressive early demo tracks and releasing "Her Eyes” last year on Noise Manifesto, which also received tremendous reactions.

‘Anam Cara’ sees RIOT CODE explore deeper into the sonic embodiment of rave culture in Ireland. The EP title ‘Anam Cara’ is derived from the Irish language as the pair explore their rave heritage in their home town of Derry and how the city's unconventional charisma has helped shape the duo’s creative output. Translated as ‘Soul Friend’ in English, the offering serves as a rare moment of delicacy from Oliver and Stephen as they pay homage to their mentors Paula & Nicole, who have influenced the pair's artistic trajectory, and are close allies within the LGBTQ+ community. This EP shows RIOT CODE at their most vulnerable, honest and triumphant.

‘Angel Gaze’ opens up the release with an ethereal influx of heavenly sweeping strings that ascend into massive breakbeats before its transformation into an emotionally charged anthem.

‘Far From Home’ is an unapologetically peak-time techno monster of a track turning the dial to 11. This is a relentless acid-submerged scorcher. The energy continues to rise throughout the track as the duo perfectly executes striking kick-drum switch ups and jump-style breakdowns. This will be the track played at every big hard techno event for the rest of the year.

The downloadable EP is available on SoundCloud: