New dessert cafe handed first food hygiene rating after opening

Stock image <i>(Image: Canva)</i>
Stock image (Image: Canva)

A dessert cafe that recently opened in Oxford city centre has been handed its first food hygiene rating.

After opening in early March, Endorphins Dessert Cafe at 132 High Street was given a four-out-of-five rating.

The score was given after assessment on April 25, the Food Standards Agency's website shows.

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Also given a score of four after an assessment on the same day was Tzatziki, a takeaway at 252 Cowley Road, Oxford.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is responsible for rating hospitality venues across the country and gives them marks on a zero to five scale.

A four-out-of-five star rating means that food hygiene is 'good' at the establishment.

Five means hygiene standards are very good and zero is urgent improvement is required.