The Deviled Egg Tip For Getting The Silkiest Yolk Mixture Every Time

Top down deviled eggs
Top down deviled eggs - Bhofack2/Getty Images

There's nothing like creamy, savory deviled eggs when you need a crowd-pleasing appetizer. These bite-sized snacks are packed with flavor — whatever kind you like — and are relatively easy to whip up, particularly in bulk, making them ideal for parties and get-togethers.

The key step in making deviled eggs is to blend the egg yolks with mayo, mustard, and other mix-ins to achieve that smooth filling the snack is known for. Most home cooks do this by simply mashing the yolks with a fork and calling it a day. To get really silky yolks with a velvety consistency, though, you'll actually want to take a cue from professional chefs and press them through a mesh strainer instead.

This technique helps break up any lumps in your cooked egg yolks, ensuring a more finely mashed filling. From there, just stir in your mayonnaise and other mix-ins and proceed as usual. The result is a deviled egg with a much smoother bite than if you'd just used a fork for mashing.

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How To Make Your Strained Egg Yolks Extra Creamy

Making deviled egg filling
Making deviled egg filling - Arinahabich/Getty Images

To implement the strainer trick, once you've boiled, cooled, and peeled your eggs as usual, scoop out the yolks and place them in a mesh strainer over a bowl. Using the back of a spoon or a spatula, press the yolks against the sides of the strainer to force them through the holes. The yolks will then break up into smaller pieces, which will ultimately blend into your other ingredients more easily.

Remember, the finer your mesh strainer is, the smoother your egg yolk mixture will wind up being. So, choose one with smaller holes to get the best consistency. You can always push the yolks through the strainer a second time if you still find large lumps in the bowl.

While strained yolks and mayonnaise alone will create a silky filling, you can make deviled eggs even more delicious by stirring in additional creamy ingredients, such as tangy cream cheese or yogurt. Softened butter is another option for ramping up the richness of your silky filling. Once combined, fill your eggs and take a bite into the smoothest deviled egg you've ever tasted!

Make Your Deviled Eggs Even Better With A Creamy Topping

Deviled eggs with mayonnaise
Deviled eggs with mayonnaise

Once you've made your deviled eggs, you can elevate things even further by adding a creamy topping. This is worthwhile whether you use the mesh strainer trick or not, as it boosts the smooth consistency of the snack. One simple topping to try is a dollop of sour cream. This not only adds acidity, but also a soft richness that works well with the appetizer's other ingredients.

If you like spiciness, another option is to add a spoonful of creamy horseradish sauce on top of the snack. Or, go for a squirt of sriracha mayonnaise. Both ingredients bring on the heat while also bolstering the silky feel of the filling.

Alternatively, you could go the other route and add some contrasting texture to your deviled eggs by giving them a bit of crunch — think crumbled bacon bits, toasted sesame seeds, or fried shallots. Whichever toppings you add, get ready for deviled eggs that have a whole new layer of texture and flavor!

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